jon "thatlif" gioia


 Jon  (A.K.A Lif) is 24 and the jokester of the team. He comes from a completely different background as this is his first year playing competitive Call of Duty however, coming from a competitive background in things such as bowling, soccer, lacrosse and League of Legends he knows what it takes to preform to the best of his abilities."I’m looking forward to putting in the work to get to the level that I hope you all look forward to seeing. Thanks to Homeland for taking a chance on me and I hope you’ll support all their teams across all platforms." “How quickly they forget that all it takes to change the course of history is the will of a single man" - Captain Price


@FRAGMENT420-ar anchor-substitute

Thomas Daniels is a 24 year old gamer from southwestern Pennsylvania. Having played for nearly seven years, he spends most of his time perfecting his craft. He is extremely excited to showcase his talents and expertise. “With this amazing organization backing me and these hardworking players, I’m definitely ready to make Homeland Gaming my home."

Kyle "Sauce" Collins


Kyle Collins is a 24 year old, ex-collegiate football player from Harlingen,Texas. His passion for CoD  started at a young age as  he  competed in titles such as CoD4, CoD:World at War, and ultimately rising to the top of the MLG NA Ladder in Modern Warfare 2. He re-entered the competitive scene in 2016 competing in Infinite Warfare, World War  2, and  black ops 4. "I am back to reclaim  the throne  at the  top of  the CoD scene with a truly passionate squad and the support  of an amazing  organization. There is  no stopping Homeland Gaming now!"

dontae "dez" dotson

Dez is a 19 year old Amateur  Call of Duty  player from North Carolina. After searching for years for the right  team he decided to settle down with us here at Homeland. "It took me awhile to find the right mesh of players, but everything happens for a  reason and I'm happy to have found a team that clicks so well mentally in and out of game."

@D_dotson-assistant captain-flex-slayer

graeson "terrizor" ramsey


Graeson is 19 and is the energy and life behind the CoD team. Graeson brings another form of  slaying to our stacked Call of Duty team and picks up the sniper in some of their search and destroy games. The flexibility is essential to a successful team.


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