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KROFTO - Cory Lyons





About Me:


A father, teacher, photographer, and video game player, Krofto is a jack of all trades.  Taking over the NHL Manager role in 2019, Krofto has managed our roster NHL into new heights.  Krofto started with coming over to Xbox and not being familiar with the talent pool to growing our NHL team into what it is today.  Krofto has managed multiple rosters from Xbox and Playstation and even brought the collaboration of Homeland Esports and Anaheim Ducks Gaming to life.  In his short time with the team, Krofto has shown that there is no ceiling we can not reach. 


Jacob Ringuette 

Twitter : Ringy97

Snap : jackringuette

I’m a 17 year old that loves to play video games. I can be a little weird sometimes but that’s why most people like me! I'm very excited to be apart of not only Homeland Esports but also Anaheim Ducks Gaming. I'm just trying to get better at the game everyday and will always be happy to play with my team but also new people for fun.

Left Wing


Michael McBride

Twitter: MikeyMcB2

Twitch: MikeyMcB

Youtube: MikeyMcB


I am a Canadian NHL Esports player for Ducks Gaming and Homeland Esports. I am from Sudbury Ontario and have always dreamed of being a part of an NHL Organization. If you want to know more, I am a small-time twitch streamer which you can find the link for in the socials above!

Right Wing






Carson Chipman

Twitter: Chipyox

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/Chipyox

My name is Carson Chipman, I'm from Texas and I played hockey in real life from when I was three until I graduated high school. Been playing competitive NHL 6s for 6 years now and am extremely happy to be apart of Homeland Esports and Anaheim Ducks gaming.

Left Defense

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Stephen Marsh

Twitter: PeepDoc

I'm a proud father who grew up in Florida playing street hockey and dreaming of being a goalie one day. Big fan of Jean-Sébastien Giguère. Started playing EASHL in NHL 18 and have played since then. I am happy I get to play with friends like Krofto and Mikey as often as we do. I'm extremely grateful that I am apart of Homeland Esports as well as Anaheim Ducks Gaming.

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