zack "zlatty" fuleki

tyler "thibeault" thibeault

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"My days as a fan of playing FIFA didn’t start as most would. It started as a friend of mine made a deal for us to buy opposite sports games we enjoyed playing to give a shot (NHL/FIFA). Ever since FIFA 12, I not only fell in love with the game, but the sport as well. This is where our club Fatality was born with cracking the Top 10 in the world on FIFA 12, and we stuck together through various competitions, even till this day. Each year, we became more and more competitive and eventually combined with another team and was known for being a Top Pro Clubs team in North America, also known as Simplicity during FIFA 19. I’m not just a huge fan of the game and honing my craft over the years, but I truly believe in FIFA Pro Clubs 11 v 11 to be the most entertaining and promising competition Esports will have to offer."

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Bobby “Demba Bob” Killough

zach "bauer" bauer

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@zbauer43-starting goalie

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