Population: ONE










Name - Ian Chasteen

Twitch - twitch.tv/thekledde


Hi, my name is Ian. I'm a 23 year old VR competitive player looking to grow with the Homeland Team. Games I play range from POPULATION ONE to Onward. Can't wait to get the new season started and Defend the Homeland!














Name - Trey


Hi, my name is Trey! I'm a 13 year VR competitive player who's been played many vr game before! But before I put on the headset, I came from a long time of play call of duty and halo! Homeland is my new home for competitive VR and I can't wait to get the season started!














Anthony DeLuca aka “Luca” (deLuca93) 


Insta: ajdeLuca93

Twitter: @AnthonyJDeLuca

Snap: anthony.deluca


Basic gaymer here, everyone calls me Luca! I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and currently live in Philadelphia, where I’m a medical student at Jefferson. Interests include playing the ocarina, saxophone, and piano. I also love tearing it up at dance clubs and spending time with my cat Oats! 



I was a pretty casual gamer until theKledde brought me into the fold, and let me just say it has been an absolute blast becoming part of the gaming community! Population: ONE is literally all I play these days. Kledde’s viewers and constituents call me The Bully, but I’m actually pretty nice so if you see me in lobby say hello!


















Gamer, streamer and VR enthusiast!!















Name - JansenFox

Twitch - @Jansen_Fox

Twitter - @Jansen_Fox



Bio - I fell in love with games at a very young age. From the caves of GoldenEye to the galactic coliseums in Echo Arena I have always been an FPS enthusiast. I started playing Population: One during the playtests and immediately knew I wanted to compete. Whether it is supportive sniping and call outs or offensive pressure I strive to work in the best position necessary to secure victory.













Name - Riley

Young, mean, fighting machine! Riley is one of our youngest players but has so much passion to create and build the best team possible!
















Name - Bobby Wand


Bio - I'm a husband /father, pilot, aircraft mechanic and gamer. I love to travel and play VR. I'm 34 years old, currently reside in California and lived in Hawaii for 6 years. While I was there I got my private pilot license and surfed. Love to meet and help new people.


Name: Jared Keenan                        


Gamertag: Your_Friend_Mud          


Hi my name is Jared, I’m 29 years old. I came from being a professional Halo player to dropping the sticks for VR. This is my first headset and the only game I play. Just give me an AK!



Name - Brandon Baker


Gamertag-  Mnd.baker


Twitch - Mndbaker

Bio- I am a 15 year old  gamer who recently gotten into vr and has played many games before like cod and more. I currently am starting to stream and trying to become even better at the game and love having a good laugh with friends in game. I am very happy to have the opportunity to play with these amazing people who have joined homeland.

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