FIFA Playoffs TONIGHT: Homeland vs. Verified

Homeland’s FIFA team finished 5th in the American Clubs League for this season! Playoffs kick off TONIGHT and the team is excited to bring their A game! Make sure you tune in to at 10:00 pm eastern time.

After a season full of changes and pivots, the team is glad they’ve made it to the playoffs. “The road has been difficult,” said team captain Brisan, referring to several lineup changes the team has undergone throughout the season. “Formation issues have been a constant issue,” he said of the challenges they’ve overcome along the way. The team had to regularly change up their play style to keep up with all the lineup changes, which put added pressure on the players. “There may only be 5 of the starters since the start of the season remaining,” Brisan explained. “The signing of FHz Vallejos during the midseason has been an uplift in spirits for this team as we were able to bring in a veteran at the Defensive Midfield position and help solidify things down at that position.”

Tonight, Homeland will face off against Verified, and they plan to give them a run for their money. “We have a split series against them in the season 1-1 with beating them the 2nd to last week 3-1,” Brisan explained. “They have some solid players that are going to bring it. All of us have been around a long time and anyone that comes up against us always wants to take us down. We need to be prepared or we could see a first round exit if we sleep on these guys.”

While Brisan is thrilled to have gotten to the playoffs, he says the journey is what makes it all worth it.

Homeland will have to keep Verified on their toes tonight! Make sure you tune in for an exciting game!

Written by Noel Banda (a.k.a. Ruby)

Twitter: @Dingoes8MyRP

Instagram: dingoes8myname

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