Huge Week for Homeland NHL

The NHL team has been on fire all week! They finished in second place in the NHLE Finals. They played in the NHLE Friday Night Puck Tournament sponsored by LineLockers through Homeland played 4 out of 5 top teams, losing in the finals to The Underdogs. They walked away with a $100 prize.

After a roller coaster of thrilling games throughout the tournament, Homeland NHL secured their spot in the finals.

“We had to defeat Composure (1st in CBJ), X Factor (6th in CBJ) and Road 2 Glory (13th in CBJ) to get to the finals,” team manager Kroftonite recapped. “We were down 3-0 to The Underdogs (2nd in CBJ) but forced overtime scoring three straight goals. We ended up losing in overtime but had a few chances to win the game.”

The team had their ups and downs throughout the tournament, struggling with defense and adapting to more aggressive opposing play styles.

“The turnovers in our zone have gone down,” Kroftonite said. “This was an issue the first week in the CBJ tournament but fixes have come across the board and our goals against have gone down because of it.”

Kroftonite credits the team’s hard work and willingness to grow with the vast improvements made in a short amount of time.

“Taking personal responsibility and being mature enough to accept mistakes has helped our growing process as a team,” Kroftonite said. “This has led to quicker learning processes and easier conversations on how to change our style of play.”

Center Karma felt good about the win and the team, saying he was “very proud of the boys going 6-2 this week” and that the team was unstoppable. Karma is a skilled scorer and one of the more aggressive offensive players. He credits experience and past knowledge for his skill. “I used to play LW and I brought over my skills from scoring to Center,” Karma explained. “I just read the goalie during the game, see how they react and their movements, and when I have the chance to take advantage of them slipping I make them pay.”

As far as what he brings to the team as a player, Karma thinks his energy and awareness are assets. “I feel that I make nice passes to hook up my teammates with nice goals and I keep the boys hyped during the game to help us keep good vibes,” he added. “Lastly I would say how vocal I am, always calling stuff out to help improve as a team.”

Now the team is focusing on preparing for the week 3 in the CBJ Summer Cup season. They have a strong, solid offense and have significantly improved their defense in a short time. “Our main focus is clamping down on defense and noticing when to change our strategy when needed,” Kroftonite said. Karma wants to focus on his decision making.

Overall, the team is happy about their win and their advancement as a group. “Our left defenseman Tibbernac has been one of our most consistent players so far,” Kroftonite said. “He has been trusted to make big plays in our zone and when called upon to create a play on offense, he usually comes up huge.”

“I am very happy with how our offense has been,” Karma said. “Kevin, Moti, Tibby, and Canuck have been doing amazing and I'm glad how far we have come since we only have been playing together for 3 weeks now. Excited to take homeland to the top and considered a powerhouse one day.”

Homeland NHL will fight for a top 16 spot in the CBJ Pepsi Summer Cup in week 3. Make sure to tune in at Wednesday August 5th as Homeland NHL plays against Complex and Kangaroo Court!

Written by Noel Banda (a.k.a. Ruby)

Twitter: @Dingoes8MyRP

Instagram: dingoes8myname

Co-Written by Karma

Twitter: @karmai2i


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