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Coming into this weeks match, our Onward team (10-7 record) was on a streak winning the previous two games against Murphy's Maniacs and Hydra. Both teams getting to ban one map each, AfterHours chose Cargo as Homeland chose Bazaar. Being the home team, AfterHours took the team to Subway first. Homeland came out on top with 4-2 round total with many hard fought battles. With a map win and 1-0 in favor of Homeland, they decided to take AfterHours to Suburbia being one of Homeland's strongest maps! Round after round, battle after battle, Homeland came out on top with 4-2 round total again. With the match closed out and another map having to be played, AfterHours takes Homeland to the mountains in Snowpeak. Homeland with no fear of losing now, closes the deal with a 4-1 round total and a 3-0 map total and sweep! GGs to both teams and the players of Homeland Onward team! Interested in seeing the full match, check out @GrenadeMagnet's stream linked below!

Full Matchup Here

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