Rainbow Six Siege: Homeland vs. Aerius

Homeland’s Rainbow Six team defeated Aerius in day 1 of Grim Esports League Season 4! It was an intense game throughout with each team keeping the other on their toes. They played the Villa map, which Homeland felt comfortable with. Aerius started their defensive phase with an aggressive play style, which set up Homeland for a win with a more strategic approach. “The first round the [Homeland] team came out swinging and killed all 5 defenders with 45 seconds still left in the round,” said Cleats, the team manager. Going into round 2 Aerius learned from their mistake and adopted a more passive style, allowing them to tie it up. This trend continued, with Homeland keeping up a solid, strategic play style and Aerius trying to change it up to adapt. During Homeland’s attack phase “Reign led the way with 8 frags in 6 rounds,” said Cleats. “Goose played a strong defense with 7 frags between using [operators] Jager and Mozzie. Baron came alive when it was time to anchor the sites on defense.” Homeland’s simple, but dynamic playing strategy kept Aerius guessing throughout. Homeland didn’t let Aerius get a foothold on a win. Gun skills definitely worked in Homeland’s favor as well as their ability to deflect drones. “The plan was to mix up the attacks and change the levels of aggression throughout,” player Bradzera explained. “And the good drone economy helped show what they were going to do and we were able to play off of that. We really didn’t have to adjust. We trusted our gameplan, and were confident we could win the gunfights when needed.” The final round was the most intense of all, especially at the very end. All of Homeland’s skill was on display as they played aggressively, dominated gunfights, and displayed impressive teamwork. “If we lost [the final round] it would have been a draw,” Cleats said, “but Lux1c, Reign, and Goose were able to retake site and win and defuse post plant. That final round was intense.” Cleats credits strategy, communication, and lots of practice for Homeland’s performance during this game. “Everyone was just pumped to play in a match after the months of daily practicing and grinding,” he said. “If you don’t have clear, precise, constant communication, you will lose. That’s a fact.” Overall, Homeland delivered a fantastic game jam-packed with entertainment and intensity. They fought hard for that win and they earned it. Follow Homeland on Twitter and keep an eye out for upcoming R6 action in the next few weeks! In the meantime, check out the replay of April 7th’s game:

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