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We appreciate all our sponsors and partnerships! Check out all of them below!

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We're a USA based 3D design company dedicated to bringing you the greatest VR gaming experience. Virtual Reality is truly the future of gaming, and we're excited to be a part of this amazing community.



Teamclix was inspired by four friends mutual love of sports and fandom. Our original venture, Blade Shades, introduced the first hockey stick arm glasses to the market. After two years of orders pouring in, we thought "why not do other sports"? So we expanded from hockey to every pro sports city from baseball, football and basketball with more on the way. We proudly operate, assemble and ship our glasses in the USA. If you have any questions, contact us using the button at the bottom of the site - a real person will answer you!


Innovated Gear


Innovated Gear offers a wide array of clothing apparel that focuses on empowering esports teams, influencers, and organizations through the clothes they wear. We strive to foster perseverance in everyone who wears our clothes so they can push their boundaries and rise above and beyond their limits to eventually reach the height of excellence. At Innovated Gear, we focus on delivering products that are of excellent quality yet affordable as we value our customer satisfaction above all and believe that everyone deserves the best.

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