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Noel "ruby" Banda 

Noel writes the blog updates for Homeland. Noel has been an avid gamer since the era of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Sonic the Hedgehog is her favorite classic video game. As a teenager she got an Xbox as a gift, which got her into console gaming. She loves RPG and horror games. Silent Hill, The Elder Scrolls, and Tomb Raider are her favorite series. Currently, Noel works as an office assistant in the engineering field. She found Homeland Gaming through a friend from high school. She’s excited for summer weather and the next Dark Pictures installment. She loves a good book, a hot cup of coffee, and a furry creature to snuggle with (usually a cat). She’s a fan of horror movies (even the bad ones), reality TV, and the Boston Bruins.


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ian "KLEDDE"chasteen

Ian Chasteen is a part of the Production Team as he specializes in Videography and Editing. Ian carried his passion with him to college where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Film from Full Sail University in 2017. He has worked for WWE Wrestle-mania, WWE NXT, Chance the Rapper, Flavor Flav, Rasheda Ali, Refinery 29, Ikea, and on two feature films: Generational Sins (2017) and My Evil Stepdad (2019); as well as various other projects through Full Sail University and freelancing. With his knowledge of real world experience and insight into the aspects of film making, he has been brought onto Homeland to help expand it's production side of entertainment.

noel "Ruby" banda

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Alec "verbalcheatcode" Bellinger

"I'm proud to be a part of a team of doers and not dreamers. I have vast experience when it comes to marketing and networking business-business and I'm happy to bring my talents to a group who's future is bright. When I'm not attending events I like to stream on Twitch or hit the casinos. I got drawn into the scene of eSports back in the old COD days when it was just Optic and Faze posting on Youtube".

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