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Co-FOunder/board member | @SWIRVIN_IRVIN

A pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, has always been an avid gamer. Streaming NHL 


Co-Founder/CEO/board member | @gREASEfACTORY16

"I'm super excited to be apart of this content team and Esports organization. It's been a long road from the first phone call to where we are at today, but I couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead for us. From creating YT videos, to podcasts to having our EASHL team participate in tournaments and hosting our own tournaments to grow the communities more, I couldn't be happier with what we have built."

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Co-founder/coo | "GIngahninja"


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Sean is originally from the Greater Boston area and recently moved to Maine to become a Firefighter. He graduated from CDIA@Boston University in 2007 with 3D Animation and Video Game Design majors. Sean is proudly the father of three boys and the husband to a beautiful woman. He is a sports enthusiast and Boston Bruins diehard fan.

Cory Lyons